Logo Design

I remember making my first logo when I was 14 in Graphic Arts class. I thought it was brilliant. My teacher questioned it. And after 20+ rounds of redos and tweaks, I was beyond proud of my finished product.

That’s where I learned the art of revision.

As a young artist, I was always tossing work into the trash if I made an error. I slowly started to understand the importance of concept and realized it’s next to impossible to get it right on the first try. I practiced brainstorming, mockups, and storyboards and happy accidents ensued.  Logo design may be challenging but it’s a humbling experience, by far my favorite project to work on with a client.

Bombshell Bullies Logo
Living truth logo
Rooted kitchen logo
Barones Logo
Dog Style Inc
Sitter Central Daffas
Apex logo black
Legacy logo
Beam ahead logo
Da Secret Sauce logo
Latrobe logo
KB logo
Oodles logo
Bobo Logo
Ms Gabbys yoga kids logo
Fancy fork logo
Leigh style & boutique logo
Horrorcopia podcast logo
North fork logo
wise chick logo
business women logo
Big hearts of Fox valley logo
jtv logo
local moms logo
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