People always ask me how I got into my career as a designer. And I tell them, it all started with a dream. Not like a crazy dream or premonition that I’d be a designer. But since childhood, I have always written and sketched from my dreams. In the beginning, I did this in order to better understand and remember them. Over time I realized that I loved to draw and having a pencil in my hand was all I needed to be content. My love for translating my dreams, stories and ideas into art is what led me to go to school for Animation.

Through the course of my BFA, I realized how much I love the process of design and animation. I fell in love with brainstorming, storytelling, video-editing, sound effects and more. Being surrounded by new techniques and technologies opened my eyes to a whole new world. As a student I was embracing the many ways design applies to the professional world. Armed with new ideas and inspiration, I began taking on freelance design jobs while in finished my degree. Needless to say, I was hooked.

In 2007, with an animation degree, website certification, and solid work under my belt, I ventured out on my own and opened LV Creative, LLC, aka Artastic Design. And that decision was life changing. In a good way.

In the beginning, it was tough to commit to self-employment. Self-discipline. Vulnerability. Selling “me” and my ideas. It was all part of the deal. But this experience and insight is what helps me truly connect with business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers, like me. I love what I do and I love helping others bring their ideas and business dreams to life. With everyone that runs or is starting their own business, there’s always a little self-doubt in the beginning. But hold tight and have faith. In the long run, good ideas and good products win out. When I first begin working with someone, the same question always arises: “but how the hell do I do that?” The answer is: With the right spark. And hire me (wink, wink.) All it takes is one teeny tiny idea that’s dreamed, twisted, built-on, torn down, reworked, and then fully actualized into a compelling final design. It’s a rush. THAT is what I love about being a designer.

Are you a dreamer like me? I’d love to hear about your next project. Let’s talk.


Laura Vari


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